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Meet & Greet / Q & A

Duration: 4 weeks / 20 hours

Schedule: Saturdays, 12:00 pm - 4:00 pm


State Board Practical Mock

Nevada State Law Practice Test

Hair Theory Practice Test

Home Study Material

Instructor : One-on-One

Nevada NRS Codeis (State Laws)

Nevada State Law Rules, Regulation, and Safety

Client Consultation and Contact

Physiology and Trichology

Scalp and Hair Care

Braiding, Loc Style and Procedure


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June 1st Enrollment

limited to 8 Student every 4 Weeks

Areas of Study

african hairstylist working on a lady's hair

Our Mission

Our mission is to provide experienced, beginner, and aspiring stylists in Nevada with comprehensive education and training in textured hairstyling that will empower them to confidently work with diverse hair types and achieve licensure in the state of Nevada.

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Located inside Bllack Hair & Shop

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4343 N. Rancho Dr Ste 228

Las Vegas, NV 89130